We specialize in Robust Software Solutions

Care 2 Tech Solutions Ltd. is a software development and consulting company with a pool of high quality and experienced resources. We have also partnered with product based companies to provide off the shelf products to various businesses such as education, healthcare, retail, human resource, accounting, asset management, mobile apps, hotel management, shipping and oil & gas. The trademark of our organization is the hard work and dedication to meet customer satisfaction to highest degree possible. This organization dreams to become the “CHOICE” of customers in Canada and beyond and an example in the software development and consulting world.

Our Services

Web Development

Dynamic / static website development, custom and interactive web solutions. One stop shop for web development.

Software Development

Our team is well versed in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to ensure your requirements meet the satisfaction you are looking for.

Business Solutions

We are proud to have resources who understand the different domains of businesses. We know the language you speak and can reflect your businesses into technical solutions to address your business processes and even improve them with our innovative solutions.


Integration in any business is necessary; we understand this and can let your different systems talk to each other with cutting edge technologies ensuring zero error or data loss.

Modeling Business Processes

We understand that any business is run by their business processes, without having the business processes documented in most cases will lead to confusion in the way business is done. We provide services to ensure the business processes are well documented using known modeling approaches.

User Manuals

Contact us to create User Manuals for any of your technical or non-technical solutions. We understand it is important to have hand books to guide you in certain way to ensure consistency and business continuity.

Running Requirement Gathering Workshops

Our team can run requirement gathering workshops to effectively collect everything that is said in the workshops. This is essential to avoid any miscommunications. Our experienced resources understand your point of view and document the requirements the way you expect them to be done.

Oil & Gas specifically LNG Value Chain Expertise

Our expertise in Oil and Gas domain comes from world’s leading Oil and Gas companies. We can assist in all the business solutions you need from scratch to run the Core Product Value Chain of any Oil and Gas Company (New or Existing).

Third Party Software Trainings

We are expert in understanding the system in and out within few days of engagement, if your vendor is charging a hefty amount for the trainings then contact us and save your money.

High Profile Software Mergers

It is natural to merge companies, however when this happens there is a redundancy in man power, logistics and also IT solutions. We have special expertise in managing the process of merging companies from IT perspective. Selecting best functions of business solutions respectively is an art many do not know.

Innovative Data Migration Techniques

Data Migration sometimes eats up lot of effort and cost. However there are multiple innovative ideas where the effort and cost can be reduced substantially, please contact us to see for yourself.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

We understand, any product without proper reporting capabilities is a mere solution which is of not much use and its usage remains for operational transactions only. Contact us to make your solutions more meaningful by providing best reporting techniques and capabilities.

Other Services

In addition to the above, Care 2 Tech Solutions Ltd provides consulting services for Oil and Gas industry specially on Hydrocarbon Accounting, Planning and Shipping Systems. We have experienced consultants on Tieto’s Energy Components, and Merchant Navy and chartering solutions such as ShipNet etc.

Why choose Us

Choose us to ensure the task you have handed over is completed with your satisfaction which is judged by you. There is no alternative to hard work and dedication which is what we practice day in and day out.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the choice of customers and an example in the software development and consulting world.

What you get

You get CARE 2 TECH SOLUTIONS as the name of our company suggests. The care comes with empathy with pro-customer attitude in everything we do.

What Clients Say?

Very nice service, very satisfied


Very good service provider nice web development and technical skills

Harsha S

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